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Featured writer: Waubgeshig Rice

In celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth, I'm featuring a BIPOC writer for every day of February. And as a special treat for subscribers to my newsletter, every week one lucky reader will win a copy of a book from each of that week's seven featured writers. Not a subscriber yet? Scroll to the bottom of this page, and sign up!

Just about a year ago, right near the beginning of the pandemic, I picked up a new audiobook by author and journalist Waubgeshig Rice. Waub is a well-known Anishanaabe writer and journalist, from the Wasauksing First Nation near Parry Sound, Ontario. His book, which is a mesmerizing glimpse of what happens on a reservation in Northern Ontario when the rest of the world falls apart, is called A MOON OF THE CRUSTED SNOW.

This story is so evocative, and populated with characters so empathetic, that listening to it at the onset of the pandemic made it all the more real. I kept getting scared, putting it down, and then having to pick it up again to find out what happened.

And the good news is, there's going to be a sequel.

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